Paramotor helmet powered paragliding Training PPG Helmet With Noise Cancelling Paramotor Helmet For Sale

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Company:Sailor helmet
Until now our company through more than 13 years hard work .Strict quality control
and exquisite production   technology,has developed to 11 model helmets used for
paragliding/powered parachute/parachute/aircraft/  ultralights speed skiing and
other projects
More than 13 years Professional manufacturer
give you professional protection
EN996 Standard Noise Cancelling Paramotor Helmet
The basic open-face helmet communication system with EN966 certification for Paramotor/PPG, ULM, Trike or Ultralight. Keep communication on flight connecting your FM Radio with our Mini-XLR cables, interchangeable to connect different radios or simply flying without communication.
 Carbon fiber Noise cancel Powered paragliding helmet White PPG helmet EN966 Paramotor helmet

Weight:650g+/-50g  EN966 standard High noice cancel system

Since the back has paramotor frame,the helmet adopt a design that the helmet shell back section sub-circular,so there is no Activity obstacle and At the same time does not affect the use of the overhead umbrella.Application of standard communication system,very good noise cancel system,could let you fly better.A Larger field of view.According to your request,could add different Coated polycarbonate glass visor.Normal we have transparent,mirror, colourful mirror

Material: Carbon fiber
The middle layer:Made up of famous EPS material,have good absorption of crash energy
The inner layer:Comfortable, soft and can be parted and washable


Hearing protetction 27dB NRR  SNR:31db 
*ABS Plastic Earshell  Passive noise-cancelling
*Powerful Neodymiun Speaker.
*Spiral Shieldling redices RF interference.
*Scanner/iPod/Music Port.
*foam mic cover protects from moisture and debris

 *Standard foam ear seals, gel ear seal options


Volume control attenuation 15dB Frequency range 200Hz - 6000Hz Sensitivity 101dB/1mW In-Put MICROPHONE
Frequency response 300Hz - 8000Hz Source resistance 220 ohm - 2200 ohm
Electret microphone   


Standard GA Dual plug6.3-5.2mm    Earphone Plug: PJ-055( .25"F6.3 phone plug)

Microphone Plug: PJ-068( .206"F5.2 phone plug)

 Straight cord from headset to molded plug, 150cm

Standard colour : Black White Blue Red 

Size: M  L  XL  XXL 

Head circumference(cm):M 57-58/L 59-60/ XL 61-62/ XXL 63-64

Package: One piece/paper box   6pcs / carton

Minimum order quality(MOQ):6pcs 



Professional manufacturer


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