Bluetooth Noise Reduction Paramotor Helmet High Noise Cancel Headset Close To The Ear Fiber Glass PPG Helmet BT-GD-C01

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         More than 15 years Professional manufacturer, give you professional protection
Until now our company through more than 15 years hard work .Strict quality control and exquisite production technology,has developed
to 11 model helmets used for paragliding/powered parachute/parachute/aircraft/  ultralights speed skiing and other projects


EN966 Standard Paramotor helmet with full headset BT-GD-C01

Item Data
Helmet Characteristic: Since the back has paramotor frame,the helmet adopt a design that the helmet shell back section sub-circular,so there is no Activity obstacle and At the same time does not affect the use of the overhead umbrella.Application of standard communication system,very good noise cancel system,could let you fly better.A Larger field of view. Visor could choose: Transparent /Colourful mirror
Material: Outside Kevlar fiber and glass fiber composite materials. By 3 layers of superfine glass steel and then add a layer of Kevlar or carbon fiber composite structure.(Carbon fiber material could be ordered)                  The middle layer:Made up of famous EPS material,have good absorption of crash energy The inner layer:Comfortable, soft and can be parted and washable
Size: M L XL XXL
Standard colour : Black White Red
Headset 1) BT multi interphone , max 6 units can link together
2) 1200m maximum intercom range
3) Auto-receiving mobile call
4) Stereo music/audio function (transmission from A2DP enabled cell Phone/MP3/GPS)
5) Audio navigation from GPS
6) Line-in audio interface
7) Wind noise DSP cancellation
8) Full weather protected





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