Paramotor-Carbon Propeller for Airmax 220 Engine Reducer, 2 Blades, 125cm, 1:2.58

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After many years of development, so far we could make carbon propellers for 2-blades, 3-blades and 4-blades, in diameters from 115 to 160 cm, for almost all engines.Use for Powered Parachute ,PPC,Paramotor, Ultralight, Micro light , Experimental Aircraft, Airboats, Airboat Fans, Mini-Airboats, Hovercraft, VTOL, Drones, Quad Copters, Gyro Copters, UAVs, Wind Machines, Industrial and Agricultural Ventilation & More !


If you engine not on our list please contact us by email or whatsapp and online service for your engine detail,so we could custom for you


Skyhero propeller advantage:

1. Excellent aerodynamic exterior design Increase thrust and reduce reverse torque while reducing noise

2. Advanced low drag wing shape and efficient blade shape, resulting in higher power conversion rate of the engine

3.Skyhero propellers are made in Extremely high fiber ratio composite materail.The carbon presents by far the best compromise rigidity / weight.

the carbon is the reinforcement and the epoxy resin the matrix.The epoxy resin is the resin preferred in aeronautics because it has very good

mechanical and thermal properties, a small shrinkage in the molding, a big resistance to fatigue, a good dimensional stability and a chemical good performance, as well as an excellent adhesion on fibers. Ensures an exceptional strength from leading edge to trailing edge, from blade's foot to tip

4.Carbon fiber wrapped one-piece design is used to reduce the weight of structural parts while maintaining high strength.

As 130cm / 51″2 blades  weight 485g

100% in full carbon braid : Helical Continuous Fibers

Made by high quality carbon fiber material, comparable to the German process
The carbon fiber propeller of our factory has excellent performance, strong rigid stability and good weatherability

If you engine not on our list please contact us for your engine detail,so we could custom for you

Paramotor Carbon propeller 125cm 2 blades for Airmax 220 engine

Engine: AirMax 220

HP: 30hp

CC: Force Air cooled 210cc

Max RPM: 8000rpm


Diameter : 125 cm

Rotation:Turn Left (counterclockwise)

Hole size :


May replace for references :
H25F 1,25m L-S-07-2
H25F 1,25m L-S-08-2
H30F 1,25m L-ES-05-2
H30F 1,25m L-EZ-04-2
H30F 1,25m L-EZ-06-2
H30F 1,25m L-L-07-2
H30F 1,25m L-M-06-2
H30F 1,25m L-M-07-2
H30F 1,25m L-M-08-2
H30F 1,25m L-NM-06-2
H30F 1,25m L-NM-07-2
H30F 1,25m L-Z-06-2




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